Custom Meal Plan

USD $39.99


In this 30 days custom meal plan, you’ll get:

  • Meal planner
  • Comprehensive details about how I’ve customized this meal plan for your needs
  • Tips on how to modify your lifestyle to optimize fat loss and how to use this meal plan to reach your fat loss/Fitness goals
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner options with macros breakdown for each meal (Calories, Fat, Protein, Carbs)
  • Flexibility for you to choose any meals that are provided in this meal plan
  • Example lay out of full day of eating
  • Added tips for many recipes to increase/decrease calories or protein content for that meal
  • 5 Bonus low calorie snacks or dessert options
In order for me to customize this meal plan, I need to know more about you (your weight loss/fitness goals etc). Once you’ve purchased this meal plan, you’ll receive an email with detailed questions. So please make sure to carefully respond to each question and send it back. Once I have your response, please allow 3 business days for me to customize the meal plan and send it over to you via email.

Please know that this meal plan is Vegan only.

Please respond back at [email protected] Thank you.



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